Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

You are a citizen of 21 st century which is characterized by “ever connected” society. Today, society is changing very fast due to technological developments, knowledge explosion and increased life expectancy. In this changing world, knowledge will be playing a key role.

Clara’s college of education aims at helping you to gain knowledge which is relevant to this modern new age. It will train you to work in the field of secondary and higher secondary education where you will be valued for your knowledge base, skills and attitude. This is an opportunity to you my dear student -teachers, not only to enjoy  training for professionally qualified college life but at the same time develop your all round personality and contribute significantly to the development of Indian Society.

The innumerable activities that we expect you to carry out during your 2 years B.Ed. training program will give you rich organizational experience, enhance your subject knowledge, sharpen your thinking power and improve your professional networking.

I also request you to participate in 4 state level competitions namely

Indradhanushya(Cultural),Ashwamedh(sports),Aavishkar(Research) and  Avhan(Disaster Management)

This opportunity will boost your energy and enhance your skills enabling you to break glass ceiling, increase your capacity to think beyond the walls….so dear student –teachers, buck up and awaken your potential, bring it out of hibernation and be interested in furthering yourself. Be the productive citizen of the country by contributing towards its progress.

Be an inspiring leader, Be a conscientious follower. Be Humane first and  Be a lifelong learner and let your success story built on strong values inculcated through 4 Pillars of Education-

Learning to Know,

Learning to Do,

Learning to live with others and

Learning to Be.

Dream big, do not hesitate. The greater your dreams, the more you can achieve.

Dr.Harsha Merchant