An alumni association is an association of ex- students. All the Ex-students are encouraged to become member of Alumni association. Alumni members have traditional endowments to encourage the current students. The members of the Association are actively involved in the developmental activities of the college. The members meet regularly during the course of each academic year. The members take part in the growth and progress of the college. These associations often organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines.


Alumni Objectives

  • To form a link between its members, fresh graduates and Present students of CLARA’S COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
  • To inculcate the values of the Alumni and their responsibility towards the society.
  • To act as a channel of communication for information related to the members’ general interest.
  • To organize various cultural programmes.
  • To felicitate the achievements of past students in their field of work.
  • To organize short duration courses of continuous education in various disciplines for the alumni / present students of the college.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences etc.
  • To interact with the current batch students. In other words to share their experiences as how b.ed. Course has helped them in their field of work