Annual day

The institute celebrates annual day ever year wherein students and teachers’ are awarded for their achievements.

Talent exhibition

Talent exhibitions organised by the institute every year serves as a platform for students to display their skills in different arts-Cooking, Decoration, Mehandi, Debate, Elocution, Singing ,Dancing ,etc.


A variety of workshops are conducted throughout the year that not only contributes to the knowledge bank of teachers’ and students, but also it helps them understand better.

Performing arts

Performing arts enables one to create harmony within one’s self. Numerous competitions are organised for the students throughout the year.


Fieldtrips are an important aspect of learning today since it offers real encounters with the know-how of the world. For inculcating values and skills, a number of visits are organised to Manibhavan, Nehru Science Center, Mahim nature park, Museum, etc.


Recreation is a stimulating factor for teachers’ and students; it opens up endless channels of thoughts in one’s mind and augments the potential of innovation. Teachers’ and students enjoy such as a recreation.