The College has a well-equipped library which has a wide collection of books pertaining to various subjects. The Open Access system facilitates easy access of books to students and encourages reading habits. It is widely apportioned into two sections – one that provides text books and another that provides numerous reference books for each class. Each section is well-sourced with encyclopedias, dictionaries, dailies and the latest magazines, etc.

  •  Reading Facility : Our on-campus reading room is functional all day long ensuring a comfortable and distraction free reading experience for our students and the faculty alike.
  •  Daily Newspapers : In order to ensure that our students and the teaching staff stay abreast with the current happenings all around the world, we rack daily newspapers inside the college’s library. 

Guidelines for library

  • Membership : Every bonafide student of this college is entitled to become a member of the library.
  • A Library Card is issued to every student on submitting the Identity Card and the First Term Fee Receipt. 
  •  An ex-student is not entitled to membership of the Library. Such a student is allowed to use the library facilities only after obtaining permission from the Principal. 
  • Use of Books : Students are requested to use the books with care. They should not do any marking with pen or pencil in the books, fold or try to remove pages from books and magazines or take reference material out of the Library. For serious study, a calm and peaceful atmosphere is necessary and readers are requested to maintain such an atmosphere in the Library. They should refrain from causing disturbance to others. Any person creating nuisance shall be at once removed from the Library and severely dealt with.
  • Daily Routine : All students should produce their I- Cards on demand by the Library Staff. Umbrella, stick, rain- coat, bag or any other articles are not permitted inside the Library.
  • Only one book will be issued at a time, for a period of 5 days from the lending section.
  • Re-issue of Books : The books must be returned to the Library on the date marked on the date slip at the end of the book. As a rule, a book will not be re-issued on the day on which it is returned. It may be re-issued the next day, if there is no other claimant.
  • Books For Internal Reading : A considerable number of text books and help books for various examinations are kept apart for internal reading in the Reference Section. Books from the Reference Section must not be taken out of the Library under any circumstances.
  • Reference Works : The Library possesses a good number of reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, directories, annuals and gazettes etc. These works make very useful reference material especially for commerce courses. Any student can refer to them on the Library premises. The Library also maintains back dated sets of some important periodicals. These volumes can be referred to in the Library.
  • Text Book  : There is a separate section comprising of text books only. In this section a number of copies of textbooks are kept for the use of the students. 
  • Damage and Loss : Every borrower is supposed to check the pages of the books before getting them issued. The last borrower shall be held responsible if the book is found in damaged condition. In such cases the market price of the book will be charged. If a borrower loses the book, he/she shall have to pay the market price plus replacement charges, in case of rare and out-of print books the price will be determined by the Librarian. A book lost by the borrower can be replaced by him/her but under no circumstances will old and second-hand books be accepted.
  • Reservation of Books : A book can be kept reserved for a borrower if he/she fills in a Reservation Slip and hands it over the Counter. The borrower applying for reservation of a book will be immediately informed about the due date (the probable date of return of the book). After the book is received in the Library it will be kept “Reserved” for two days at the Counter for the first claimant. 
  • Penalties for Defaults : Rs.2.00 per day for  period of overdue.
  • Termination of Library Membership : The Membership of the library will be cancelled immediately if a person is found guilty of violating willfully, the rules and regulation of the Library facility
  • Issuing books for home reading can be suspended if a borrower is in the habit of retaining books overtime.