Mg.Trustee’s Desk



Education is the integral element which sets the foundation of the individual characteristics and the society as whole. It is that element which bridges the gap across the oceans, enabling us to reach beyond the precincts of our realm.


Imparting quality education is more than teaching books and conducting lectures. It is more of a creation and must have systematic and innovative approach. Over last three decades, there have been phenomenal changes in the industries and the demand for professional talent has been increasingly growing in the market. The evolution has led us to inherit and implement various innovative and practical methods of imparting knowledge.


As an educational institution we understand that it is our colossal responsibility to, not only impart quality education, but also contribute to the future generations in a way that they are prepared for the professional world that exists beyond the walls of the institution, and to suffice this need, we need awakeners in the form of ‘teachers’ ; Teachers who are more than supporters in the education system; Who can inspire students and become their mentors, sustaining the balance between curiosity, knowledge and wisdom.


At Clara’s College of Education, we stress on developing proficiency, creating the educators of inspirational nature, with right attitude for their professional Career.


Ajay Kaul

Managing Trustee